• It is flat out my most favourite, most used and absolutely most perfect functional and visually attractive spoon. Perfection - total gush over.
    — Stacey Manser-Knight, Instagram.
  • I loved it as soon as I picked it up and it's become one of my favorite things.
    — Emily Smith, Arlington VA
  • Searching for a gift for a dometic goddess? Look no further
    — Tatler
  • Les cuillères sont superbes merci!
    — Claude Veuillet
  • Simple and beautiful homewares
    — Leonie Cornelius, Irish Mail on Sunday
  • As much at home in a rustic space as in a sleeker setting
    — House and Home
  • Striking wooden spoons and utensils
    — Image Interiors and Living
  • Truly the best spoon I have ever owned. I hope to treasure it for years.
    — ChesireMoonClothing, Etsy
  • Gorgeous wooden kitchenware. File under 'treat'.
    — @DublinByMouth, Twitter
  • Stunning
    — Ashley Mclaughlin, Edible Perspective
  • Perfectly crafted, lovely wooden spoon. Great gift!
    — Hillary Roman, Etsy
  • Highly recommended. Beautiful work and a keepsake and useful piece. Can't wait to buy one for myself. :)
    — S.B., Etsy
  • Amazing pieces of practical art.
    — Andrew Pier Papan, Facebook
  • GORGEOUS spoon! This one is a gift, but I want one for myself so much I may have to order another!
    — Leila145, Etsy
  • A useful tool, a great buying experience, and a happy cook. Thanks much!
    — seriousbusiness2, Etsy
  • Well crafted, very attractive spoon - shipped promptly.
    — johnhorsfield, Etsy
  • Very lovely product...thank you!
    — Julie Smith, Etsy
  • Thank you so much, it's beyond beautiful!
    — Anna Rafferty, Etsy
  • Beautiful products! In awe of your skill.
    — Emily Delahunty, Etsy
  • I have on of these and it certainly is the ultimate cooking spoon. I love it so much my daughter is doing a project about it.
    — keaorla, Instagram
  • I LOVE the spoon you have made and it is my go-to in my kitchen
    — S.B., Etsy
  • Time and thought put into these. Beautiful pieces
    — Lisa Browne, Facebook