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Spatula (Ash)


This tool is great for baking, flipping and stir frying. It's perfect when you want to get that last bit of cookie dough out of the bowl! It is entirely crafted using hand tools and is inspired by years of cooking. It's made to be a sturdy, long-lasting tool that is a pleasure to use. Ash is a very tough and flexible wood so your spatula will take a beating.

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Additional Info

The spatula is treated with food grade linseed oil to protect the wood and prevent it from absorbing liquids. It can be washed with hot soapy water without damaging it. It is light and functional and will become more beautiful with use and age.

It will be made to order unless I have one in stock. Your spatula will be of the same design and quality as those in the pictures but no two are the same. It will be made of ash wood. If there's any other type of wood you're interested in, email me or let me know in the comments section of your order and I will try to accommodate your wishes.