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Flour Scoop

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This scoop is a lovely tool for scooping flower, seeds, sugar or spices. It comes in two sizes (see pictures). The smaller scoop fits nicely into a 2L kilner jar and would be great for seeds and spices. The larger one may be good for scooping flour from a bag or larger container. 

Approximate dimensions:

Small scoop - 13cm long, 5.8cm wide, 3.5cm deep

Large scoop - 19.5cm long, 8.7cm wide, 5.2cm deep

Like the ones in the pictures, your scoop will be made from locally collected beech. Each scoop is handmade to order, so it will be similar to those pictured but grain, colour and exact shape will vary slightly. The scoops are treated with food-grade linseed oil to prevent the wood from absorbing liquid. They can be hand washed in hot soapy water daily without harming them. Lengthy soaking and dishwashers should be avoided.

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