What Is Green Woodworking?

To explain it simply, green woodworking is a craft in which 'green' or unseasoned wood is worked into finished items using hand tools. This explanation however, may give you the impression that the only difference between conventional woodworking and green woodworking it that the wood is unseasoned. In reality, it involves a whole range of tools and principles that have virtually been eliminated from modern woodworking by the ubiquitousness and affordability of dimensioned and kiln-dried timber. Rather than being  an obsolete or primitive form of work, to be recorded for posterity only, I would argue that the old techniques of processing trees manually, by riving and hewing them while 'green', pay much greater attention to the nature of the wood, allowing it to be worked with less effort and actually preserving its inherent strength and flexibility in the finished product...

Are wooden spoons hygienic? How the US Government was proven wrong!

This is a question I get asked a lot. And even when it is not said, I sometimes get the feeling that it's what's going through a persons mind when they look at my wooden eating spoons, at a craft fair say. While I have always instinctually thought that yes, they are just as hygienic as steel or plastic, this very question has been addressed by actual scientists with PhDs and Professorships and everything. How convenient.