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The Spoon Dock


A very special spoon deserves its own place!

‘Special’ is the perfect word to describe this spoon and spoon dock. The unique and original design came about as a result of a design challenge to myself - to simplify and distill a spoon holder design to its most minimal form. Grabbing your spoon and replacing it is so pleasing and satisfying!

The spoon is a ‘bent wood’ spoon. This means it’s made from a specially selected bend or ‘crook’ in order to make the strongest possible spoon with a pronounced crank (the angle between the bowl and handle). Because of this, you may have to wait some time for me to find just the right bend to make your spoon. Please only order The Spoon Dock if you don’t mind waiting for me to find the perfect piece of wood. It may take a number of months, depending on what I can find. The wood species and the exact shape will vary because, by it’s nature, this spoon is determined by shape of the tree. This is the ultimate antidote to mass production, not well-suited to internet selling but I wanted to give you the opportunity to get one despite that.

Click ‘Additional Information’ below to see a video explaining how The Spoon Dock is made.

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Additional Info

Your spoon dock is hand carved in Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland. I have to search through my locally collected hard woods to find the perfect bend for the spoon and then fit it perfectly to its dock. The wood is treated with food grade linseed oil to prevent it from absorbing liquids. The spoon can be hand washed in hot soapy water without harming it but try to avoid lengthy soaking and dishwashers.

To learn more about the processes used, try the FAQs or read my blog post about green woodwork.