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Hawthorn Bent Wood Server (One-of-a-kind)


This one falls into the category of 'spoons I'd like to keep for myself'!

It's made from an old piece of hawthorn wood that was full of unusual colours. I used a natural bend in the wood to make the crook for the spoon in order to preserve the strength of the grain. The bend in the handle also follows the naturally wavy grain. The handle also features some chip-carved detail.

This is a once-off, unique piece, very much inspired and determined by the piece of wood itself. 

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Additional Info

All utensils are treated with food grade linseed oil and beeswax to protect the wood and prevent it from absorbing liquids. It can be washed in hot soapy water without damaging it. It is light and functional and will become more beautiful with use and age.

The Hawthorn tree has extra special meaning in Ireland as a tree to be revered. Certain trees are said to be the homes of fairies and to cut them down brings misfortune. I would not like to cut one down myself. This tree was cut by the county council and I feel like to let it rot or be burnt by someone is an awful shame.