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Cafetiére spoon


All the big cafetiére makers recommend using a wooden spoon to stir the coffee. But where do you get a long handled wooden teaspoon? Here!

I have always been irritated by how short teaspoon handles are. This handcrafted spoon is made with an extra long handle to protect your fingers from hot coffee or tea, sticky jams and gloopy yoghurt. I use mine many times a day!

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Beech Teaspoons 11_lo.jpg
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Additional Info

Your teaspoon will be treated with food grade linseed oil to protect the wood and prevent it from absorbing liquids. It can be washed with hot soapy water without damaging it. It is light and functional and will become more beautiful with use and age.

The spoon will be made to order unless I have one in stock. It will be made from beech, as in the photos. If you have another preference, you can state it in the comments section and I will try to accommodate it. Your spoon will be of the same design and quality as those in the pictures but each will be slightly different!